Module Introduction

Software is a never ending work in progress - and mobile apps are no different.

Bug fixes. New features. More bug fixes. You’re going to be releasing a lot.

So you don’t want to have to manually walk through the entire process each and every time. Where humans are involved, errors occur.

Throughout this module we’ll learn how to automate releases with Fastlane so you just have to write one script and the manual work happens behind the scenes.

We’ll also cover how to send out over-the-air updates so you can avoid the app store when allowed.

Note: This module is opinionated. I’m going to encourage you to use over-the-air updates very sparingly and I’m encouraging you to only automate uploads to beta testing (which you can then promote) - requiring a human interaction to fully publish an app. You can take this knowledge and do what you please with it, but these are not only how-to videos but strategy suggestions as well.

To get started first make sure you download the project from GitHub.

Then check out the management-start branch.

git checkout management-start