Configure Visual Studio Code for React Native Development

Your editor is your extension into the world of code. I use Visual Studio Code as my editor and have made a number of configuration changes and installations to turbocharge my React Native workflow.

Full List of Visual Studio Code Packages

  • Atom Keymap
  • Auto Close Tag
  • Auto Complete Tag
  • Auto Rename Tag
  • Color Highlight
  • Copy Relative Path
  • Debugger for Chrome
  • Document THis
  • ESLint
  • Flow Language Support
  • GraphQL for VSCode
  • Language Support for Java
  • Node Debug 2
  • npm Intellisense
  • One Dark
  • Path Intellisense
  • Prettier - Code formatter
  • Project Manager
  • Rainbow Brackets
  • React Native Tools
  • React-Native/React/Redux for es6/es7
  • Ruby
  • Settings Sync
  • SVG Viewer
  • TODO Highlight
  • vscode-icons
  • vscode-styled-components
  • vscode-styles-jsx

If you want my always up to date & easy to download configuration it's accessible as a Github Gist.

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