Module Introduction

If you, like myself, come from a web development background you’re probably pretty used to building applications with the assumption that a user has an internet connection. Most likely a stable and fast one at that.

The same isn’t true for mobile devices. It’s not uncommon for a device to temporarily go offline. It’s important that we handle these instances well because they’re certainly going to happen to your users - remember that your development environment isn’t representative of real-world use.

How do we handle this? We cache data and display that local data to the user. We store failed network requests and retry them. We tell the user what’s going on. That’s what we’ll cover in this module.

To get started, check out the offline-start branch you downloaded earlier so you can follow along with the lessons.

git checkout offline-start


We’ll be leveraging Redux, Redux Persist, and Redux Saga’s in this module. If you want a refresher on Redux or Redux Saga, check out my free basics course. Particularly this module or this one.